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    Papermaking equipment preparation equipment

    TIME:2019-05-27 BROWSE:661

      The papermaking equipment preparation equipment is a equipment for pretreatment and processing of papermaking raw materials according to the requirements of cooking or refining process before cooking or refining, and is divided into non-wood fiber preparation equipment and wood fiber preparation equipment. The former has a lawn mower, a cutting machine and a sugar cane removing machine, and the latter has a peeling machine, a chipper and the like.

      The chipper is a machine that cuts the logs needed to produce wood pulp into wood chips of a certain specification. It is divided into two types: disc type and drum type. The digester dissolves the lignin in the papermaking material into the cooking liquid to separate the papermaking materials. The equipment for fiber is divided into two types: batch type and continuous type; the wood grinder is a kind of equipment for producing ground wood pulp. It can be divided into two types according to the production mode: batch type and continuous type. Hydraulic pressure type and mechanical pressure type;

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