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    Small paper machine process requirements

    TIME:2019-05-27 BROWSE:673

      Small paper machine process requirements, this type of shutdown is mainly to ensure the quality of the product and meet the requirements of the production process, especially the production of high-grade cultural paper is more prominent, the main reasons for downtime: first, brushing work, wet water filtration and dehydration The function of the component (or material) is degraded after a certain period of use, and the dewatering and filtering of the water does not achieve the initial effect, and it needs to be cleaned regularly. The second is to replace the main process equipment, such as copper mesh, felt after the service life, need to be replaced regularly; press rubber roller, stone roller paper and scraper contact wear, the roll surface height changes, will affect product quality, but also need regular repair.

      It is a recycling, processing and recycling system for the dewatering of the forming part of the paper machine. It includes equipment for collection, transportation, filtration or sedimentation of white water, air flotation, etc., to separate and recycle fiber and filler reuse, and to recycle the clean white water throughout the papermaking process.

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