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    Slitter rewinder


      Slitter rewinder

      Paper doesn’t generally sold by the jumbo, thus it must be scaled down. The slitter rewinder is used to process these jumbos made from paper making machine into manageable and salable products,t he width and tightness of rewinding meets the requirements of finished sheet rolls. In the process of rewinding, it can also remove the bad-quality paper sheet, adhesive end breakage.

      The slitter rewinder is an off-machine operation and is not a part of the paper making process. Rather,it is the start of the converting process.To sum things up, the winder accomplishes the following tasks:process parent reels into sellable products.

      we are leading manufacturer&supplier of slitter rewinder, which is widely used for cutting and rewinding paper web.The size of the paper can be customized as per the client's requirements.

      Main parameters:

      Basic pager weight:up to 600sm

      Raw paper width:up to 5500mnm

      Working speed:up to 1000m/min

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